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Youth Services
Youth Led Activities

Thanks to GAVO Youth Panel we have been able to deliver projects that is solely led by local youths. The projects are designed by children via engagements with local youths. This is a great initiative that Kidcare4u is proud of and hopes to continue with.

Youth Mentoring Project

Our youth mentoring project is successful amongst the children who attend our Saturday club. The youths get an opportunity to show they are responsible and feel a sense of ownership whilst they are mentoring children younger than them.  This project has helped many to gain confidence and experience working with children. 

Youth Training & Networking Services

Kidcare4u works collaboratively with local partners such as MIND and Volunteering Wales to help train our volunteers and service users. Through networking we are able to connect youths from diverse ethnic backgrounds and give them opportunities that they would not usually get. Our youth training and networking is a positive step towards promoting integration and diversity in other organisations.

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Youth Volunteering Project

Kidcare4u takes pride in local youths and creates volunteering opportunities. These volunteering opportunities have benefitted many children aged from 16 - 19 years old. Our volunteers gain experience working in a professional environment and understand the importance of accountability and professionalism.

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