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Children Services
Saturday Kids Club

Educational Support

At KidCare4U we believe in working in partnership with parents. It has been highlighted to us that extra support for children with educational needs would be an advantage. We provide support to children aged from 5-16 years old with Maths, English and Science to improve their attainment level.



Health and Mental Wellbeing Sessions

We work in partnership with other agencies to deliver health promotion workshops. We have had workshops delivered by the CAMHS service after Covid lockdown was removed. While the children are at the club we try and give them as much support as possible to help with their health and mental wellbeing.




Drug Awareness Session

 There is a huge stigma attached to drug related services within diverse ethnic groups. We have worked with BAROD to raise awareness about drug safety . We have shared contact details so that if any child or parent ever needed any help they know who to reach out to. 


Connecting to Nature delivered by GWENT

Wildlife Trust

Whilst the children are at our club we deliver workshops to connect them to local nature spots. Gwent Wildlife Trust has delivered various workshops across our organisation promoting nature and connecting to wildlife. This is something close to our heart and we are aiming to continue with this project.


Sewing Workshops

Gwent Police have been involved with Kidcare4u promoting and encouraging diversity in the Police Force amongst young people. They have delivered sewing workshops and engaged many children in this fun activity breaking barriers.


Healthy Cooking Workshops

Whilst the children are at the club we teach them how to prepare healthy meals. This is all part of our holistic approach towards positive health and mental wellbeing.

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Parent and Toddler Group

The Parent and Toddler group has been designed for mainly parents who cannot speak English. We have a diverse range of staff and volunteers who run the sessions and support parents with play and learning skills. We have been supported by Early Years Wales and they have delivered a number of workshops showing parents how to engage and encourage toddlers to play positively.

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Children's Football Project

Newport City FC Under 13's and Under 9's

We have partnered up with Newport City FC and now have nearly 48 children from diverse ethnic groups training and playing for this club. To be part of a football club is a huge boost to our children's confidence and an opportunity for the club to become more diverse.

Saturday Fun Football Sessions

Working in partnership again with Kidcare4u Newport City FC deliver fun football sessions every Saturday. These sessions are open to anyone aged from 5-8 years old and through this partnership we have new members join every week from diverse communities.

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Children's Outdoor Activities and Trips

As well as delivering indoor activities we regularly deliver activities outside the club. Throughout the year we arrange multiple trips suitable for all ages to experience activities that they usually would not do. By creating these experiences we are hoping to achieve positive memories of their childhood experiences.

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