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The Covid19 pandemic has been extremely challenging for many people in Wales and more so for the BAME community who are at higher risk. We are reaching out to BAME families in Newport who have language barrier issues by supporting them in their language to access essential services.


Kidacare4u recognises this current need in our community and so are working with 5 different ethnic groups (Bengali, Pakistani, Somalian, Sudanese and Ethiopian) to provide them with care and support during lockdown. Some of the families we work with are living in large households with elderly and sick relatives. 

We are currently delivering the following activities :


  • BAME Test & Trace Support Project delivered in 5 different languages.

  • Arranging home packs consisting of household essentials and food appropriate for BME groups.

  • Delivering home packs to vulnerable families

  • Providing correct and current Covid19 information. Due to the language barrier issues, some people are getting the wrong information and are becoming very frightened and confused.

  • Liaising with schools regarding school work and free school meal vouchers so that children are able to access learning and get food.

  • Helping students access online learning resources.

  • Helping people make benefit claims.

  • Helping with housing problems such as rent and council-tax issues.

  • Help with bills, credit cards and loans.

  • Signposting regarding health and interpreting for those who need it.

  • Providing advocacy and befriending service in various languages for individuals who are lonely and isolated.

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