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Ein Prosiectau
Mae Kidcare4u bob amser yn darganfod ffyrdd arloesol a chyffrous i helpu ein cymuned a datblygu ein sylfaen cleientiaid ymhellach. Dyma ychydig o'r prosiectau rydyn ni'n eu rhedeg ar hyn o bryd:

We are currently supporting 85 families primarily with language barriers issues. We are offering translation support, help to access services, training and provide emotional support. Our Support staff are from the local community and have a good rapport with various diverse ethnic groups and provide 1 to 1 support.

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Early Angles Project

Early Angels baby project works with parents of special needs babies who do not speak English. We work in the community and have contacts with the local neo-natal ward. We provide support to parents from pregnancy, birth and after birth. Having a baby can be stressful and when you can't speak English it can be daunting, this is when we support the parent in their spoken language.

Families Health and Wellbeing Project

We work with families together as an unit and create opportunities for families to experience days out together. We deliver various workshops to engage parents and support them with their children at home. 

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