About Us


Kidcare4u is a registered charity which aims to support families to acquire the skills and confidence they need to turn their potential into success at school, the workplace and beyond. Our organisation believes it has potential to help ethnic minority communities in deprived areas to further develop themselves in education, health and integration. 


Newport, Wales.



​Kidcare4U was originally set up as an Out Of School Club in April 2017 with the purpose to provide weekend childcare to families in Pillgwenlly of Newport. We have a high rate of children attending Kidcare4U from disadvantaged background. This is when we realised that a lot more can be done for these children and families to encourage and help them reach their full potential in life. Kidcare4u became a registered charity in September 2019.


​We provide educational support to children so that they get that vital support to allow them to progress towards higher education and employment. Our future plans are to provide ESOL classes for adults. 

We also aim to encourage and promote health and well being by providing facilities for adults and children to encourage physical activity and healthy eating for families.

​Another important venture that Kidcare4u feels would benefit the wider society is to promote integration and try reduce barriers between disadvantaged ethnic groups and other communities.

Rusna Begum the founder of KidCare4u

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