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The Out of School Clubs for children

Kidcare4U provides CIW registered Out of School Club available every Saturday and Sunday from 9am- 5pm.

At KidCare4U we believe in working in partnership with parents. It has been highlighted to us that extra support for children with educational needs would be an advantage. As well as having a club with fun activities we will have a separate area and time for children who want support in certain subjects.

Educational support Saturdays 10.30am -1.30pm

Children can meet up with friends and can take part in a wide variety of activities each weekend. These include tuition, crafts, sport, games, computing, drama, as well as an area for homework and quiet activities.

The children are provided with a full programme, containing a range of activities planned for each age group. The children go on outings during each school holiday and these are planned to complement the programme. Each child is cared for individually as well as in a group ensuring that no-one is excluded from any activity.

We at KidCare 4 U want to make sure that every child and young person in Newport, South Wales, who is eligible to access a club or activity, gets the opportunity to do so.

​How do I know whether my child can access clubs and activities?

  • If your child or young person

  • Lives in Newport. South Wales

  • Are 5-17 years old?

Children can choose from a wide range of activities, both indoor and outside:

  • Tuition for Maths & English​ with highly qualified specialist teachers

  • Arts and crafts with different projects each day

  • Basketball, table football and a pool table

  • Pool tournaments and other group games

  • All sorts of toys and equipment to play with

  • Colouring competitions

  • Computer games

  • Watching movies

  • An enclosed local play area with swings, slide, roundabout, basketball, bikes and scooters

  • Children bring their own lunches and we all sit down to eat healthy food together at lunchtime

Parenting support 

We at Kidcare4u are passionate about care for the entire family including parents. Bringing up children is an all-encompassing job; one which needs support, guidance and education. We will be offering training programmes to parents to help educate them about health and wellbeing for their children and themselves. We would like to offer support such as TESOL courses to help build solid English language skills to get them into the workplace. If you have a specific need or concern as a parent we would like to offer you not only support and guidance but practical help to get you and your family on track to succeed. 

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